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Advances in Computational Mechanics (ACM)
  ISSN:1940-5820 printed version
ISSN:1940-5839 online abstract only
  publishs critical lengthy summary articles on chosen topics in computational mechanics, by carefully INVITED prominent researchers.

Advances in Computational Mechanics will be published in 4 volumes per year, with only 2 volumes appearing in the inaugural year, 2008. Each volume will be hard-bound.
Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences (CMES)
  ISSN:1526-1492 printed version
ISSN:1526-1506 online version
Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics (MCB)
  ISSN:1556-5297 printed version
ISSN:1556-5300 online version
Computers, Materials, & Continua (CMC)
  ISSN:1546-2218 printed version
ISSN:1546-2226 online version
Structural Durability & Health Monitoring (SDHM)
  ISSN:1930-2983 printed version
ISSN:1930-2991 online version
Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing (FDMP)
  ISSN:1555-256X printed version
ISSN:1555-2578 online version
SL: Structural Longevity
[Health Management, Failure Prevention, and Infrastructure Rehabilitation]
  ISSN:1944-611X printed version
ISSN:1944-6128 online version

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