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FAQs about the submission system:
+ Why is registration needed?
  After registering your profile(address, etc), you can submit papers electronically; track the review process on your paper; read the reviews and the editorial decisions, submit the final manuscripts if the paper is accepted, read the galley proofs, submit corrections, and receive appropriate email notices. Click to register now.
+ How do I change my password?
  After login, click on "Password" under the menu "Profile".
+ How do I change my email?
  After login, click on "Email" under the menu "Profile". Then click "Change Email" after giving the new email. The new email will be activated immediately if it does NOT already exist in the system. Otherwise please click "Merge Email".
+ How do I merge my two emails?
  After login, click on "Email" under the menu "Profile". Then click "Merge Email" after giving the email to be merged. The email will be merged after approved by the journal department.
+ What do I do, if I forget my password AND can not access the email sent to me via the techscience/submission website by editors, etc?
  Just send an email to the journal support at journals@techscience.com for help.
+ How do I upload a file?
  Click on the paper, a link "Upload" will be shown in the left menu. A form is available by clicking it.
+ How to limit the access of the file to certain people?
  Specify the correct permission (to reviewers, editors, typesetters, etc) in the uploading form, before uploading. No matter what kinds of permission are specified by you, you can always access your own files.
Generally, the original manuscripts must be accessible to everyone. The source files must be accessible to the typesetter.
Note: you can NOT make any changes to the file 30 minutes after uploading. You need to send an email to the journal department (journals@techscience.com) in case of any mistakes.
+ How to submit a paper?
  After registration, click on "Submit" under the menu "Author".
step 1: submit the title, authors, and the abstract;
step 2: upload the manuscripts for review;
step 3: upload the revised the manuscripts for review, if required;
step 4: upload the original source files (i.e. MS/WORD or Latex) for typesetting, if accepted;
step 5: download the proof for proofreading, and send back the copyright form, the reprint order form, and the corrections if any.
step 6: you will receive two free copies of the issue after published.
+ How do I know the current status of my papers?
  Click on the menu "Author" to see a list your submitted papers, and click on the appropriate paper to check the current status. It gives the latest status.
+ Do I need to check the status everyday?
  No, the submission system will automatically send you an email notice at  every step of progress in the review and acceptance process. Please keep your email address updated for receiving the notices promptly as the decisions are made.
+ How long will it take to review a paper?
  All papers are handled by the editors. The editors invite reviewers to review papers. The review process is dependent on reviewers. Our editors keep in communication with the reviewers. Your suggestion of the reviewers is very important to speed up the review process.
+ How do I get the acceptance letter?
  An electronic acceptance letter will be sent to you via email, after the paper is accepted. You can also download it from the website by clicking on the accepted paper.
+ Where is the copyright form?
  A proof notice will be sent to you when the paper is ready for proofreading. Click on the paper, and click on the link "Proof" shown in the left-side menu. PRINT this page directly from your web browser. It contains the copyright form and the reprint order form.
+ What can I do with the submission website?
  After registration, you can download the papers sent to you by the editors for your review, and upload  your reviews electronically.
+ How do I access the paper for review?
  After login, click on the menu "Reviewer" to list all papers for review, and click on the paper to download the electronic files.
+ How do I send a review?
  After login, click on the menu "Reviewer" to see a list of all the papers currently under your review, and click on the appropriate paper, and you will be able to submit your review online.
+ How do I send a review in electronic files?
  Click on the paper to review, there is a button, which says "Upload Review", in the bottom. Click on the button and upload the file.
+ How to send a private review to the editor only?
  Write a review in a file, and upload it to the system by setting the permission as "For Editor" only. The author cannot see your review, until the editor sends it , or a part of it, to the author.
+ Why can NOT I find the paper, which I am invited to review?
  It could be:
i) You may have been invited  by an editor, using  another email which is different from the one in your Profile when you registered at this website.. You need  to merge all your alternate emails;
ii)The Editor may have already made a final decision.
  • can manage the papers assigned to them,
  • can assign reviewers,
  • can upload the final editorial decisions, and
  • can communicate with the authors.

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